Workflow Optimizerâ„¢ Engine

Optimizer software can be used within our Universal Worklist or in conjunction with your commercially available PACS.

The program uses a proprietary algorithm to distribute cases in real time to any number of assigned users. Distribution can even be modified by user-defined preferences. Some common preferences may include or exclude a modality, select work from a certain facility or referring doctor. The preferences can also be used to maximize sub-specialization or to allow radiologists to interpret exams they prefer to read. The addition of Optimizer to your PACS will lead to increased job satisfaction, create a higher quality of work and will lead to a more efficient use of the radiologist. Regardless of the specific preferences radiologists prefer, the software balances the workload so all users receive the same volume of work.

  • Whether at a hospital or within a busy radiology group, Optimizer helps manage the workflow in all types of medical environments.
  • Optimizer manages the staggered reading times of radiologists – even for those reading remotely while on call.
  • With a more efficient system to regulate and expedite the workload, patient satisfaction numbers will rise as wait times for cases decrease.


Optimizer is designed to:

Equally distribute work in real-time
Maximize efficiency
Increase productivity
Balance workloads
Improve profit and satisfaction
Reduce physician staffing