RadCom 4™

Redefining radiology PACS accessibility and productivity.

The RadCom 4 stationary platform runs multiple systems to support up to four independent PACS environments and dictation systems for multi-site reading from one workspace. Our enterprise Universal Worklist and intelligent Optimizer workflow engine applications are supported to maximize efficiency.

A single RadCom 4 consolidates up to four traditional workstations by running multiple independent PACS clients concurrently without conflict. Multiple subspecialties including mammography are supported, negating the need for additional or specialty workstations. Displays, network connections and peripherals are shared to simplify your reading workflow and reduce your hardware footprint.

This platform provides a great value by consolidating exams across multiple locations into a unified list with only four displays and one speech recognition microphone.

Ideal for:

  • Healthcare systems
  • Radiology groups
  • Home offices
  • Teleradiology providers

Have more than four systems? We offer multiple configurations to fit your needs – contact us today to learn more.



    Supports multiple subspecialties including breast imaging.

    Zero Learning Curve

    Innovative PACS transitioning technology for seamless switching between PACS environments. The RadCom 4 is about the same size as traditional workstations to fit your current workspace.

    Shared Peripherals

    Access any image archive from one location with four displays, one keyboard, one mouse and one speech recognition microphone.