Universal Worklist™

Our dynamic enterprise patient list consolidates patient imaging from multiple disparate sites.

The Universal Worklist gives the radiologist all the functionality of your native worklist and more. Our fully featured vendor-neutral list connects with virtually any PACS. Most major dictation systems and various diagnostic viewers are supported and can be launched based on configurable predefined rules.

We offer multiple user-configurable options to meet your needs including being able to launch one or multiple PACS and fetch priors from multiple image archives.


AI Assistance

Our worklist integrates AI analysis to assist radiologists in quick, accurate diagnosis.

Custom Views

Exam information can organized, filtered and sorted based on importance – however you define it.

Multi-Archive Support

Exam queries and priors fetching have never been easier or more streamlined.

Clinical Collaboration

Our worklist offers built-in HIPAA-compliant chat for enterprise-wide collaboration.