Workstation Solutions

Integrated hardware IT solutions to improve imaging workflow and lower costs whether on-premise or remote.

Stationary Workstations

Our stationary platforms are anything but standard. These high performance workhorses support multiple native PACS environments for busy radiology enterprises, teleradiology providers and those reading remotely from their home office.

4-in-1 Multi-PACS Workstation

Ultimate Multi-PACS Powerhouse

Portable Workstations

Our compact portable platforms are designed to go wherever you go. These durable, high performance systems allow your enterprise to be at your fingertips – whether in the field, at home, or in a temporary office.

Portable Multi-PACS Workstation

Dual-screen Portable Multi-PACS Workstation


PACS Connectivity

Our platforms support most major PACS and dictation vendors.

Increased Efficiency

To maximize efficiency, all workstations support our enterprise Universal Worklist and intelligent Optimizer applications.


Our systems support multi-modality workflows with shared displays, network connections and peripherals for increased time savings and reduced costs.

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